What is the Rarest Precious Metal?

What’s the Rarest Treasured Metallic?

what’s the rarest, most scarce factor on Earth that is steady and protected to put on I may make a hoop out of. And I would like it to be pure. I am speaking elemental. First issues first, zinc dissolved in mercury. These things is superior, it is dense, it is heavy, it is liquid metallic. It is cool, however even cooler is human urine. That is an aqueous resolution of the metallic vanadium. And once we combine vanadium in with the mercury and the zinc, the mercury helps the zinc give electrons to the vanadium.

And is it positive aspects increasingly electrons, it adjustments color. We’re searching for purple. I like shaking this, it is loopy, it is like throwing me off stability.  These colors have been stunning, however vanadium just isn’t that uncommon. I wanna get one thing extra treasured. And the way about treasured personally, like my dad? He is a chemical engineer who particularly works with and has a patent regarding one factor. Sulphur. After all a enjoyable factor to do with sulphur is to make it bark like a canine. Here is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna take a glass tube and fill it with laughing fuel, nitrous oxide. We’re gonna pour slightly little bit of water into the tube to cushion and defend the tube after which we’re gonna pour in some liquid carbon disulphide.

It is very unstable and can evaporate, giving us a combination of gases inside this tube. Lastly, I’ll gentle the highest of the tube, inflicting the carbon disulphide to burn. And because it burns, the temperature and strain within the tube will improve, inflicting the response to go sooner and sooner. It’s going to speed up and bark. Wow. And have a look at all of the sulphur on the perimeters of the tube. That response was enjoyable and funky and vibrant, however we’re means off monitor right here. Despite the fact that sulphur is treasured and pricey to my coronary heart, it isn’t that uncommon in any respect.

So let’s get loopy and discuss astatine. Astatine is so uncommon right here on Earth that we do not even know what it appears to be like like. In case you have been to attempt to get sufficient astatine atoms collectively that you could possibly see it with your individual eyes, it might immediately vaporise itself due to its radioactive warmth. The truth that it is so radioactive means it would not be nice as a hoop, so let’s transfer on to one thing slightly bit extra normal and see the place it takes us. Gold. Gold, in fact, is legendary for its un-reactivity, which is why it is a good way to retailer your wealth. If in case you have quite a lot of gold laying round, the chance that it’ll mix with different components and dissolve or rust or corrode is mainly zero, except some particular options. Specifically, one found in 1300s with the flamboyant identify “aqua regia.”

It is made out of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid and we’re about to make some proper now After all, we’re utilizing this fume cowl, as a result of the fumes that come off the nitric acid are fairly harmful. It is the fuel NO2 and in case you inhale it, nitric acid varieties in your lungs. So as a substitute of doing that, let’s put some gold in aqua regia. We’re simply gonna use this historical priceless Egyptian relic.

Let’s go forward and do this out. Because the gold dissolves, what we wind up with within the evaporating dish is chloroauric acid. Auric coming from aurum, the Latin phrase for gold, which is why gold’s image on the periodic desk is Au. It is actually unhappy to observe that gold dissolve away. I want there was a means for us to only make different issues into gold. Now I do know what you are considering. “Michael, that is alchemy.”

However alchemy is sort of actual. In at this time’s particle accelerators we will smash particles collectively, creating components. On the accelerator collider at GSI they’ll create gold by smashing particles collectively at a charge of two million gold atoms each second. That is fairly cool, proper? Properly, as you realize, atoms are extremely small. They’re so small that regardless that GSI could make 2 million new gold atoms each single second, have been they to go away the machine on at that charge for 50 million years they’d solely produce 1 gram of gold.

Gold is uncommon and treasured and costly. However gold is 40% extra frequent than iridium. And iridium is extremely resilient. It would not dissolve in aqua regia and it isn’t even attacked by molten metals or silicates at excessive temperature, which is sweet and .. however not as fairly as cerium, which reacts at excessive temperature to kind stunning little sparkles. As we proceed our journey to find the rarest factor to make a hoop out of, we have got to debate osmium.

These things is so uncommon there’s fewer than onepart per billion in our Earth’s crust. However we’re not completed but. Iridium and osmium are each within the platinum household. And in case you check out platinum, it is rather more frequent than each iridium and osmium, however there’s one thing neat that I believe we must always think about. Secure isotopes. And it is one of many isotopes of platinum that may end our story. Platinum-190. It is a steady isotope with half-life of over billion years that is non-reactive. It is matches all our standards. A hoop manufactured from the scarcest, naturally occurring steady, non-reactive factor. So hey, it might be an superior ring. Now, you are in all probability questioning, “Michael, why did you experiment with vanadium, sulphur, gold and cerium?”