What Is CSS ? Types Of CSS ?

What Is CSS ?

What is CSS what are different types of theater and how to apply a CSS to your web page. so what does it mean by CSS. CSS stands for cascading style sheets cascading style sheet is a style sheet language will call describing the presentation of document returning in markup language such as HTML CSS is a rule-based language that applies a link to your HTML element.

You can write CSS rules in element and modify properties of those elements such as color background colors with border thickness on size etc. It helps developers to create visually angling web pages and user interfaces for web applications. It has a simple syntax and uses a number of English keywords to specify the names of various else’s property. CSS has some variations or words like, we are using PHP CSS 3 is the latest version in some additional features and properties, are introduced there are three types of cases.

The first one is in like user and inline CSS is used to apply a unique style to a single HTML element and in my theater uses the style attribute of an HTML element. the second type is internal sizing which is also called as embedded CSS. an internal style sheet is the section of a HTML page that contains style decoration internal style states are defined by using style tags between the head area of the document,

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And the third type is external CSS an external style sheet is a file containing only CSS syntax. the style information is not exclusively tied directly to the document element. so selector spintax is used to specify what Styles attached to which portion of the document page. so these are the types of fearful.

So I have a basic dot HTML created in my ability, I will open eclipse non-fertile occurs so this is the structure that we are going to format now. reading paragraph anchor tag and investigation protein molecule. so there are Two types of phases.

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Then is equal to in double quotes the property name in this case. I want to apply a background color so it will be background hello Poland and the value of the property. so in this case suppose I want to apply a big seller to this heading there. so there are many ways to do this we can write RGB color code. we can write hexadecimal color code. all we can write the colors new mixer. if I want to align edge to the center, this is the text which is heading 1. so I have to write text align text align is a property which aligns the depth so there are values like left right and center.

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So here in this case I want to align it to the center so you give her a bottle and cycle let’s go back and do some other stuff. so the default text color is the black so suppose if I want to apply a green color to the text, I will write color so that is the property change the color of the text : the value would be color name RGB values or excitation code. Here I am writing the color mean green semicolon. so this was the example of inline CSS.

The second type is internal fuses so by default in line cases has more priority about internal fuses or external field. so let’s take the internal CSS example also if you want to apply internal thickness you should apply in Penryn CSS in the header section with the help of style tag. you should close the started. type will be ‘text slash Pierce’s, we should also write relation.

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