What Is Consciousness?

What Is Consciousness?

A hemispherectomy is a surgical process wherein half of an individual’s mind is eliminated. It is normally solely ever achieved on very, very younger sufferers as a result of their brains are nonetheless plastic sufficient that the remaining half will tackle the features of the half that was eliminated. And it is normally achieved as a result of a younger little one or a child is having seizures, and eradicating the half the place the seizures happen is the one resolution. However this is my query. For those who can stay with half a mind, what if I had been to take two empty skulls and take one half of your mind and plop it into one physique and the opposite half and put it in one other physique, which individual can be you?

I imply, you might be you. You’re aware. You’re conscious of what’s taking place to you from the attitude of your self. Consider it this manner. For those who simply stare at one thing and sort of really feel what it feels prefer to be you, it feels a bit of bit such as you’re a factor inside a physique looking by way of the eyeballs.

And no person else on Earth will ever see the world from that place. This consciousness of your personal experiences, the attention that you’re having them, the attention that you’re having your personal ideas makes up what we name consciousness. But when I had been to take your mind and cut up it into two and put it into two totally different folks, would each of them be new individuals who had been aware?

Properly, among the finest locations to begin when defining consciousness and understanding it’s to start with issues that we agree will not be aware.  Now I do know that I’m not like Cleverbot. I do know that I really feel issues and that I’ve a way of myself. I’ve intentions. However how do I do know that you just do? For that matter, how do I do know that everyone else that I meet is like me?

How do I do know that they are not simply little sensible variations of Cleverbot who know precisely what to mechanically say? Now what I am asking is extremely philosophical, however it’s a very well-known and necessary query. I am mainly asking if it is potential for one thing to exist as a philosophical zombie. That is proper, a factor that reacts and responds and acts identical to a standard human however but would not really really feel something.

It would not know that it is having its personal ideas. It simply mechanically responds like a robotic within the applicable manner. Now what’s wonderful and heavy about this query is that science would not have a solution, and it is not even clear that science will ever have a solution not to mention an strategy to discovering that reply. About all we have now is the psychology of issues of consciousness. Let’s start with anosognosia. A standard instance of anosognosia in psychology courses is a affected person who has, say, misplaced the power to maneuver their left hand.

When requested to boost their proper hand, they’re going to say, “Yeah, no drawback, right here you go.” However then when requested to boost their left hand, they’re going to say, “Oh, yeah, positive, no drawback,” however not transfer it. And when requested why they did not transfer their left hand, as an alternative of reporting that they cannot, they’re going to confabulate some excuse. As an example, “Oh, I did not really feel prefer it.” Anton-Babinski Syndrome is much more dramatic. Sufferers with this syndrome are cortically blind. They can not see something. However they deny being blind.

“What number of fingers am I holding up?” they may make a guess, but when they’re fallacious, they’re going to clarify their inaccuracy with an excuse. As an example, “oh, properly, I haven’t got my glasses.” Individuals who exhibit anosognosia are usually the victims of stroke, and there is some disconnect between what they’re actually experiencing nand their aware consciousness of it. They do not know that they cannot see as a result of the a part of their mind that screens visible enter is not telling the mind something. It isn’t even telling the mind that there is no such thing as a visible enter which signifies that the components of their mind liable for answering questions or creating speech has to utterly create a confabulated response.

Even if we have been capable of research sufferers with anosognosia, we nonetheless don’t know clear up our authentic drawback. In reality, all we have managed to provide you with are extra unimaginable questions on identification, questions which can be so befuddling, the very best you are able to do with them is to reply them your self based on what you imagine.