What is bootstrap ?

What is bootstrap ?

This is part one of bootstrap tutorial in this video well this case what is bootstrap and the advantage is fusing bootstrap. so what is bootstrap ? bootstrap is a free open source and is the most popular HTML CSS and JavaScript framework developed by Twitter for creating responsive web applications it includes HTML and CSS based design templates for common user interface components like buttons, dropdowns, typography tabs, forms tables, navigation alerts, carousel etc.

Along with optional JavaScript extensions bootstrap framework is based on all open standards HTML CSS and JavaScript. this means bootstrap can be used with any server-side technology and any platform you can use it with any web application built with any silicide technology with asp.net Java PHP etc. so what are the advantages of using bootstrap ?

There are several of them let’s look at these advantages one by one bootstrap supports responsive design one of the greatest advantage of using bootstrap is that, it helps us create responsive web applications faster and easier. so the obvious question that comes to our mind is what is a responsive web application ? A responsive web application automatically adapts to different screen sizes that is desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc.

A responsive application provides optimal viewing and interaction experience that is easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing and scrolling across a wide range of devices. so you don’t have to worry about your application not being compatible with multiple devices and their screen sizes. let me actually explain you an example . we have a responsive and a non responsive app being viewed on a mobile device look at the non responsive app. the text the application is barely usable here without having to readjust it whereas.

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The text content it’s very much readable so in this case since the application is responsive. it has automatically adapted itself to the screen size that it is being viewed on whereas the non-response you have. it didn’t adapt itself let me actually show you another example so this is a working example from bootstrap Docs calm at the moment . the login controls here and notice these three headings at the moment since we are viewing it on a laptop screen. the headings are aligned next to each other side by side look at what happens.

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As I start to resize you know the browser vendor look at this we are still at the moment on a laptop screen size as soon as we reach a tablet screen site. so here we have reached a tablet screen size and look at what happened to these headings instead of being side by side. the other now look at what is going to happen when we read the mobile screen size look at what happened to the menu item.

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Now it’s a single button when I click on the button that’s when the logon controls show up and look at the headings again. they are one below the other as soon as we reach you know the laptop screen size look at the headings they are now side by side and the login controls are like this. so here the application is adapting to the screen size it’s being viewed on so this is a responsive app and Twitter bootstrap makes creating responsive apps quicker and easier saves.

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A lot of development time one of the biggest advantages of using bootstrap is that it saves a lot of development time instead of writing code from the scratch. bootstrap offers ready-made blocks of code that you can use and customize to suit your application requirements. there are also many websites out there that offer free and paid bootstrap seems that saves even more development time consistency bootstrap was developed by Twitter to encourage consistency across their internal tools by giving their developers a centralized development codebase.

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